OREX CONSULTING is offering our long-term experience in aviation industry at airline and aircraft management, aviation services, fleet management, flight and ground operation, quality, administration, human resources, training, crew and staff recruitment, flight and ground safety, technical maintenance, financial and planning process.


We are supporting our partners with our professional team and the most current data for the best possible solutions available.


Orex Consulting leads you the right track in your decision making process in aviation.



We have solutions for;


  • Aircraft Evaluation


  • Aircraft Lease, Lease/Purchase and Straight Purchase Contracts


  • Airline Start-up, Establishment and Expansion Projects


  • Airline and Aircraft Certification Process


  • Feasibility Studies for Airline and Aviation projects


  • Financial Analysis


  • Aircraft Comparison, Cost and Route Studies


  • Business Development and Market Research


  • Project Management


  • Legal Consulting


  • Aviation Software and Data Base


  • Handling, Landing, Catering and Aviation Jet Fuel Contracts


  • Technical and Maintenance Procedures


  • Training Arrangements


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